We will consider taking in dogs on a individual basis.  If we can help we will!

We need foster homes with NO other pets in order to bring in some of the boxers that need rescue.


Please be Patient as there is only one of me doing home checks and phone interviews.
I will contact you if I feel that you are a good match for the dog you have applied for.

All inquiries regarding surrendering a Boxer will be dealt with on a individual basis,  NOT all available dogs on posted on the website, 

we will ask that a behaviour assessment be completed if we feel the dog is going to require training or behaviour modification.

~Thank you for all your support and help~

Please Fill out this form if you are available to foster.  
Please note that we do not know if the dogs are pet or children friendly so caution is advised with any foster dog.


Boxers are silly, sweet and mischievous. They clown around with family and friends, are patient and playful with children, but show a deliberate and wary face to strangers, responding with unmatched courage to anything that threatens their loved ones. Those characteristics are why people love them.

If you are ready to add a boxer to your home please contact us!

Winnipeg Boxer Rescue is run by volunteers & all financial decisions are made by the Director. Contact Tracy or 204-228-5031