Our Bud, Spud and Steak was a huge success!!!

TYC in Canad Inns was a fabulous place to host our event~

~Thank you for all your support and help~


Foster applications are being accepted for individual dogs,  please specify who you are interested in helping.
Please Fill out this form if you are available to foster.  
Please note that we do not know if the dogs are pet or children friendly so caution is advised with any foster dog.

ATTENTION to all interested families for any of our available dogs……. I will continue to post pics and bios of any dog that is looking for a home through my rescue until such time as I have signed contracts finalizing that adoption. There is far too many people who might be interested in one of my dogs and not see the posting until it is gone, we can always use more foster homes and of course approved homes for a new dog that comes into rescue.
This is important to be able to sort through my applications and see who is interested in what kind of Boxer (or not) dog that we take in. Also it can open a door for someone who is wanting to surrender a dog in which case I have applicants to contact for that specific dog! Thanks for your understanding……

Boxers are silly, sweet and mischievous. They clown around with family and friends, are patient and playful with children, but show a deliberate and wary face to strangers, responding with unmatched courage to anything that threatens their loved ones. Those characteristics are why people love them.

If you are ready to add a boxer to your home please contact us!


Winnipeg Boxer Rescue is run by volunteers & all financial decisions are made by the Director. Contact Tracy boxerwiggles@yahoo.ca or 204-228-5031
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