March 26, 2018

Peanut has been “adopted”

She now has a forever home!

Good luck my sweet girl



March 9th, 2018  ~update~

Momma is doing very well,  she was stitched up the day she arrived and soon the stitches will be removed.   She is super smart and truly a lovable gal.  Although she is not a fan of our dogs, she may be protective over the pup.

The pup has been put in a new foster home so momma can get used to being without her and get ready for her new home!

Momma is going to her new home Wed March 14th.


Puppy now named Peanut is also doing excellent!

She is able to get around really well now on carpet with her back leg that is still a bit weak,  may always be this way?

She is currently in a foster home to get her used to being without her mom…… she will continue to get strong and hopefully gain more use of that back end of hers…… all in time!   But amazing this pup is so underdeveloped for 7 weeks almost 8 weeks old.



Update on momma,   she has a huge gash or tear on her milk sac.  Needs medical attention asap

The tiny puppy is the smallest of her litter and has been stepped on or squashed (unsure at this point) but the pup can’t not walk like the others.   Both need to be flown in from a northern community and then direct to the vet for care.

We have exhausted our funds and once again need your help!   If you can donate anything that would be so appreciated.

Etransfer to  (what breed do I rescue?  answer boxers )

As soon as they are in I will update both of them daily.

Foster needed for this sweet Boxer mix

About 2.5 yrs old

Good with kids and other dogs.  Although being injured and with a sickly pup I am not sure how she will be around other animals.

She has a tear or hole in one of her milk sacs and requires vet care asap.