Nov 7th,  update

Frankie and Barklie have both been adopted!

Hazel is waiting for her very own home.  All 3 pups have recovered from Parvovirus.

It can take 6 weeks to shed the remaining virus but they should not get it again!

thank you to everyone for the well wishes and the financial support,  we have $500 to go!


Oct 31, 2019 ~ puppy update ~

What a difference a few days can make…..

Frankie has been adopted by her original foster home and left her siblings yesterday!

Barklie is also being adopted by his original foster home and goes tomorrow!

Hazel is the only one waiting for her forever home!

I have given her a special post!


October 25th, 2019 ~update on the pups~

All three pups are now in one foster home until further notice.

They all spent a week in the vet clinic on supportive care for the Parvo.

and then they all got kennel cough…..Hazel is still not responding as well as I had hoped….

now hoping for recovery to be steady and then all three will be ready for new adoptive homes!

Here is a pic of the 3 of them in their foster home…..



We have 3 beautiful little boxer/bulldog/husky mix pups that come into rescue Sat Oct 12, 2019

Hazel the green eyed girl took sick and was taken to the vet.   Positive for PARVO!

Then Frankie and Barklie also became symptomatic and they too are parvo positive!!!

All 3 are currently at Plessis vet receiving supportive treatment as there is no cure for parvo.

Please we need many prayers for them and donations to help with the over $3500 vet bill we will incur.

If you can spare anything to help those little pups we are grateful……  etrans accepted

or direct to Plessis Vet #204 691 8838


We are a small rescue and rely solely on fosters and fundraisers.   Please consider donating !

Here are the puppies,  Hazel,  Frankie and Barklie